How it works

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1. How to Add House Information

Use the Add Info link to add house information.

2. How to Update or Edit House Information

If you already have account, simply Login to your dashboard and select the house to edit / update its information. If you don’t have an account and want to have house information updated, use the Contact Us form to provide information with your request. However, if you’re adding a new house (and builder) information simply Join or Login and use the Add Info link to submit.

3. How to Find a Builder

To find builder/s at any location of interest, simply use the location switcher (as shown here below) such as on the Find A Builder page or any other pages where it is available. You can also type in the location name.


Second option is to type in a keyword and/or location in the search bar (as shown here below) at any of the pages where the search bar is available.


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